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Pandemic Preparedness

Workplace Safety

The best strategies for preparedness focus on prevention, awareness, and immediate response. Utilize these courses to strengthen your organization's expertise and readiness. Workplace safety is an essential component in every employee's daily job responsibilities. Be proactive and start preparing today!

Doctors with Bacteriological Protection


Workplace Strategies for "Pandemic Preparedness"

Train employees on protective measures to protect health and prevent the spread of a virus! This training kit is designed to help businesses, industrial, and government facilities prepare for and mitigate the almost inevitable impacts of an influenza pandemic. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has developed strategies to address epidemic and pandemic outbreaks; however, they also stress that prevention training and crisis planning is a social responsibility. "Pandemic Preparedness" features five segments modeled after the Homeland Security Pandemic Plan. Participants will discover how to prepare for a pandemic, what to be aware of, how to prevent contracting and spreading viruses, and how to assist the community in the event of an epidemic or pandemic spread. Businesses that provide critical services including healthcare, telecommunications, electricity, and other vital utilities have an imperative responsibility to create a business continuity plan ensuring limited service disruptions in the event of a pandemic. Your employees, your customers and your community all depend on you to remain in operation during critical times. 

Facility Security


Facility Security Awareness "Target Denied"

Site security is a daily reality. Facility access, vandalism and erratic workplace behavior are now recognized as very significant concerns. Industrial security is adapting. Facilities install cameras, perimeter lighting and fencing. Guards are hired, emergency shut-off systems and alarms are tested, evaluated and may be upgraded. Every employee should be aware of these measures. The training video provides a general overview of facility security practices and procedures and focuses on Area and Data Access, Suspicious Activity, Security Violations, and Reporting. English and Spanish video programs are included. (13 minutes)

Video Previews


Click the ▶︎ on the video window to watch

the first few minutes (no log-in required).

For Preview Evaluation Only.

Not to be used for training.

Pandemic Preparedness Video Chapters:

1. What Is a Pandemic?

2. Pandemic Impact

3. Pandemic Influenza Plan

4. Be Prepared

5. Be Aware

6. Don’t Pass It On

7. Keep Your Distance

8. Help Your Community

9. Summary

security pvw

Click the ▶︎ on the video window to watch

the video (no log-in required).

For Preview Evaluation Only.

Not to be used for training.

Facility Security Awareness Video Chapters:

1. Overview
2. Introduction
3. Follow All Security Procedures-Area Access
4. Follow All Security Procedures-Document Data Access
5. Stay Alert For Security Violations & Suspicious Activity
6. Report Any Violations Or Suspicions
7. Review 

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