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Spill response

Spill Response

Rapid and efficient spill response requires varying levels of training for different employees, depending on their work areas and job duties. Improving the general concern and awareness of the consequences of spills can contribute to overall spill prevention.

Oil spill clean up


"Spills & Skills" Non-Emergency HazMat Spill Response

This training video program is designed to help train non-HAZWOPER employees on dealing with a hazardous material (or hazardous waste) spill, leak or release. What to do if you discover a hazmat release? How to determine if a release requires HAZWOPER-trained responders. If it is a hazmat emergency release (HAZWOPER event), what to do then? If it's non-HAZWOPER event (an 'incidental release'), the program reviews the discreet steps involved in clean-up. Includes a Spill Locker poster.

(18:30 minutes)

DOT worker


"HazMatters" First Response Hazardous Emergency

This program helps train employees on OSHA’s Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER): First Responder Awareness Level regulation and on key aspects of DOT’s Hazardous Materials regulation. The video follows the actions of a First Responder-Awareness Level worker through his response to a hazardous substance release. Also covers the use of the Emergency Response Guidebook. (19:30 minutes)

Chemical spill run off


"True Cost" The Ripple Effect of a Chemical Spill

The effects of a chemical spill are many and far-reaching -- work time and resources wasted, production delays, administrative burdens and the hassles and disruptions to employees work and personal lives. All these are illustrated in this video to help an employee understand the true cost of even a relatively small spill or release of a hazardous substance. (16 minutes)

Spill locker poster

Spill Locker Poster

(click to enlarge)

This poster can help your crew respond quickly and effectively to non-emergency hazmat spills. Photos and concise text summaries clearly illustrate the steps to take when confronted with a hazmat spill. Decisions to make, notifications, precautionary measures, PPE, clean-up tools and procedures. And there's a supply list for your spill locker.

Size: 18 in. x 30 inches

Price: $12.95

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