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Online Training

Excal now offers flexible online employee training solutions. We have online training courses available on our custom Learning Management System (LMS) or you can download courses to use on your existing LMS. We also have an online Pay-Per-View option as well. 


Online Training Options Include:

  • Download SCORM compliant course files to your LMS

  • Create a custom online LMS with selected courses and assign them to your employees

  • Pay-Per-View option let’s you pay as you go

  • Employees can print certificates and wallet cards

  • Tracking and record keeping online tools

  • You can stream video, schedule VOD seats, and access programs for training anytime on any device

  • Courses can be previewed, purchased, and implemented from online servers - 24/7

LMS Course Catalog - Download PDF



SPCC training video

SPCC for General Industry

"By the Numbers"

Universal Waste

Universal Waste

"Collecting, Processing, & Recycling"

ISO 14001

Environmental Responsibility & Management Systems ISO 14001:2015

LMS library




Excal Visual's SCORM v1.2 HTML5 course list - Mastery Training Content Network

Select any title to preview the course content in detail.

We have over 500 SCORM v1.2 HTML5 compliant training courses to choose from.

Please contact us for more details at or call 1-888-925-6554.

SCORM training courses
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