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EPA OSHA training videos


Excal Visual creates effective EH&S employee training videos for general industry, municipalities, and federal government. Our training is aimed at the 'hands-on' people -- the operators, technicians, laborers, drivers and others who need to know and follow the best practices for safety, security and environmental protection in the course of their jobs. Our 'real world' and straightforward training programs have been used in thousands of facilities all over the country for decades.

Excal Visual is dedicated to identifying, developing, producing and distributing high quality and effective environmental, health and safety training compliance videos. Regulatory agencies like the EPA, OSHA, and the DOT know that the two most frequent reasons for citations, violations and fines are inadequate training and record keeping. Employee training can be the weakest link in the chain of compliance. Environmental Health, Safety and Security regulations are more than just compliance issues; they are the groundwork for a sustainable environment and a safe and secure workplace.That's why we believe it is critical for employees to not only perform their jobs as prescribed, but to understand how their daily actions contribute to compliance and to recognize that they play a key role in preserving our safety and the environment.

In 1993 Visual Communications Group, Inc. (Fred Hull & Shoni Kahn), a video production company producing videos for the corporate world, was approached by Burgess Spring, Inc. (Mike King), an environmental consulting firm, to combine expertise to produce and distribute a training program for stormwater pollution prevention. A partnership was formed and a training program was produced and distributed under Excal Visual Communications. With the success of this product the partners agreed to continue to produce and distribute Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) training programs to industrial and corporate companies and to the military.  In 2001 the partnership name was changed from Excal Visual Communications to Excal Visual LLP.  Today Excal Visual offers a variety of EH&S products and continues to add new products each year. In March of 2015, Excal Visual LLP became Excal Visual, Inc. and moved from Boulder to Avon, CO.

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