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Concrete worker


Many construction operations must comply with EPA requirements for employee training in Stormwater regulations. Our step-by-step training videos show employees the proper ways to ensure these laws are followed and the environment is protected.



Stormwater for Construction BMPs "Ground Control"

This employee training kit is designed to show employees how erosion, sediments and other potential surface water pollutants are controlled at construction sites. The program focuses on Best Management Practices (BMPs) that are widely used at most construction sites including: silt fence, stabilized entrances/exits, drop inlet protectors and others. The program illustrates how these BMPs work and how they can fail. (14:30 minutes)

Concrete Truck


Concrete Wash-Out "Building for a Cleaner Environment"

Concrete Washout “Building for a Cleaner Environment” This employee training video focuses on vehicle and equipment washout at construction sites. Mixer truck, concrete pump trucks, and concrete finishing tools must be washed at job sites to prevent road hazards and for continued use of the equipment. Employees and contractors need to be aware of the potential impact that the wastes from the washout can have on the environment if it is allowed to runoff from construction sites. This video instructs employees on how to locate job-site washout locations,  proper washout techniques, and working at difficult job sites. Available in English / DVD or download. (13 minutes)

Front end loader


The Safe Operation of Front End Loaders

These large, extremely powerful machines require skilled operators who can be responsible for both the safety of those on-site and the proper operation of this expensive piece of equipment. Chapters include: Introduction, General Safety Awareness, Prior To Operation, Safe Operation, Performing  Maintenance, Towing and Trailering, Parking and Review. Available in English / DVD or download. (11:30 minutes)

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