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Security Awareness

Site security is a daily reality. Facility access, vandalism, and erratic workplace behavior are now recognized as very significant concerns. Industrial security is adapting. Facilities install cameras, perimeter lighting and fencing. Guards are hired, emergency shut-off systems and alarms are tested, evaluated and may be upgraded. Every employee should be aware of these measures. This course provides a general overview of facility security practices and procedures and focuses on Area and Data Access, Suspicious Activity, Security Violations, and Reporting. English & Spanish Training Videos are on the DVD and it also includes employee quizzes and training recording forms. ($395)

Security Awareness

  • Training Program Includes:

    • Training video (13 mins) English and Spanish
    • Employee Quiz - English/Spanish versions
    • Training Recording Forms

    USB and Digital Download options available. Call (888)-925-6554 for more info.

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