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For Evaluation Only.

Not for training.

"Hazardous Waste TODAY" and the Hazardous Waste Generator Improvements Rule - for LQGs, SQGs and VSQGs

This training kit provides you with 3 different videos - one for LQGs, for SQGs, and for VSQGs. This gives you the flexibility to train employees at all your locations with one product. The kit is designed to present a detailed overview of the complex RCRA rules and regulations- which can help keep your employees safe, prevent releases, and avoid costly EPA civil penalties and liabilities.  

(Programs run: 26, 23 and 17 minutes)  more information

The kit also contains two SiteCast templates for site-specific training - one with slides only, another with integrated video.  (customizable PowerPoint slideshows)

Price $595.


1. Introduction

2. Hazardous Waste Identification
3. Hazardous Waste Generation
4. Management of Containers
5. Central Accumulation (CAA)
6. Satellite Accumulation (SAA) 

7. Transportation 

8. The Manifest  
9. Emergency Preparedness
10. Waste Minimization 
*  ☒
11. Conclusion

* Not included in SQG

☒ Not included in VSQG 

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