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Customizable Slideshows

SiteCast PowerPoint slides are pre-formatted with backgrounds, text, photos and graphic elements that reflect the various chapter elements from the video(s). There are notes and suggestions for the trainer to facilitate site-specific customization.

The templates offer pre-built slides in both .pptx and .ppt formats. Often there are 2 versions of each slideshow (with and without the full-length video chapters) in a 512 x 384 .wmv format.


Site-specific training can be created with or without the embedded video chapters. You can add your own images and video, delete and re-order content, export the program as a PDF and more - to customize the presentation. A basic familiarity with the Microsoft PowerPoint software is required.

(Microsoft PowerPoint software is not included.)

PowerPoint online presentation
Site Cast Slide
Hazardous Waste menu
Training presentation

Watch the Video

Use the arrows on the side of the frame to view slide samples.

Select the slide to enlarge it.

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