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Hazardous Waste "Today" LQG,SQG,VSQG

Hazardous Waste "Today" for LQG, SQG, VSQGs: The EPA issued some pretty extensive revisions to the federal Hazardous Waste Rule (RCRA). The revisions are contained in the "Hazardous Waste Generator Improvements Rule”, which is considered to be a major change having over 60 modifications in all. Train your employees and contractors on these updates so they are aware of the changes. Topics covered in the training program are RCRA regulations in the "Generator Improvements Rule”, Waste Identification and Generation, Management of Containers, Central Accumulation, Satellite Accumulation, Transportation, The Manifest, Emergency Preparedness, and Waste Minimization. Available in English or Spanish. 

Hazardous Waste "Today" LQG,SQG,VSQG

  • Program Includes:

    • Training Videos LQG (26:00), SQG (23:00), VSQG (17:00)
    • Trainer's Guide
    • Employee Quizzes for LQG, SQG, VSQGs
    • Training Recording Forms
    • Powerpoint templates with integrated video
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