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1. Introduction

2. Universal Wastes - Defined
3. Handling Universal Wastes

4. Emergency Preparedness
5. Recycling Universal Wastes

6. Conclusion

Universal Waste

"Collecting, Processing, Recycling"

This updated video training program includes recently added aerosol can regulations and details the key elements in the Federal Universal Waste regulations (40 CFR Part 273). The program instructs your employees and contractors on the correct procedures to properly collect, process, and recycle batteries, pesticides, mercury-containing equipment, lamps, aerosol cans, and electronic waste (E-Waste). The Universal Waste regulations do require that materials be managed in a way to prevent releases to the environment and tailors those requirements to each type of Universal Waste.


Regulatory requirements differ for small and large quantity handlers of Universal Waste, but in both cases, handlers of Universal Waste follow streamlined requirements for notifying the EPA about their waste activities, labeling containers, storing materials on site, training personnel, and tracking and transporting waste.  

Available on DVD, MP4, USB Device, or Download.

Price: $595.00

Includes PowerPoint Presentation slideshow

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