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SPCC for Municipalities

Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure training is required by law. This 27 minute program details the SPCC regulation for municipal employees. Subjects include : Regulations and the SPCC Plan, Operations & Maintenance, Oil Transfers, Used Oil and Discharge Procedure Protocols. Also included are fully customizable PowerPoint templates for site-specific training. The program can be delivered in your choice of a DVD or a customizable DVD-ROM. The DVD-ROM playlists allow the trainer to add new site-specific images and material to build a custom presentation.


1. Introduction

2. Applicable Pollution Control Laws, Rules and Regulations
3. The Contents of the SPCC Plan
4. General Facility Operations
5. Operation of Equipment to Prevent Discharges
6. Maintenance of Equipment to Prevent Discharges
7. Oil Transfers
8. Used Oil Management
9. Discharge Procedure Protocols & Release Notification
10. Summary and Review 

Questions? Please call 1-888-925-6554 or email us.

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