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"MPG Max" - 25 Tips for Better

Fuel Economy

Employers and their drivers everywhere are concerned about the high cost of gasoline and the environment. This training video shows drivers how to improve gas mileage, so they save money at the pump and keep the air cleaner. The tips given in this video are easy to put into practice. This course shows how routine vehicle maintenance is very important, since a dirty air filter or fuel injector will cut down on the MPG. Regular maintenance can improve fuel economy by up to 4%. Another tip is to keep tires inflated to the recommended pressure. Under inflated tires can reduce fuel economy by up to 3%, since they have more rolling resistance which forces the vehicle to use more fuel. By applying the driving practices in this course, drivers will improve their fuel economy by up to 15%, and will decrease air pollution.


1. Introduction

2. Before Turning On The Ignition

3. Don't Drive Unless You Have To

4. On The Road
5. Summary

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