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Stormwater Pollution Prevention
"A Drop in the Bucket"

This employee training program shows employees at industrial and industrial-type government facilities the latest Stormwater Pollution Prevention techniques like Good Housekeeping, Materials Management, Spill Prevention, Maintenance, and Small spill clean-up. Based on the EPA's latest discharge permit for industrial operations, the program is for training at facilities covered under a General or Multi-Sector General Permit for stormwater discharges. It will help train facility employees and contractors in accordance with the training requirements of most such Permits. The video describes Best Management Practices (BMPs) & control measures and shows how they prevent Stormwater pollution. 


1. Introduction 

2. Your Facility’s Role 

3. Good Housekeeping 

4. Spill Prevention 

5. Exposure Minimization 

6. Maintenance 

7. Spill Clean-Up 

8. Summary

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