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SPCC for Electric Utilities

This SPCC training video program is designed to help train employees and contractors who work at electric utilities on Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure, "SPCC" (40 CFR 112). This program addresses oil-filled electrical equipment such as transformers and circuit breakers as well as bulk tanks and portable storage containers. It shows employees what is expected of them when working at sub-stations, repair shops or other generation, transmission and distribution operations where oils and fuels are present. Created in cooperation with the Utilities Solid Waste Activities Group (USWAG) of the Edison Electric Institute. Also included is a SiteCast PowerPoint customizable template. (23 minutes) 


1. Introduction
2. The SPCC Rule And Plan
3. General Facility Operations
4. Operation & Maintenance Spill Prevention Equipment
5. Discharge Procedure Protocols
6. Summary and Conclusion

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