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Universal Waste "bulbs, batts, bugs"

Universal Waste "bulbs, batts, bugs & barometers"
Managing qualified hazardous wastes as universal wastes offers several benefits to the generator. Standards are less strict, so management becomes easier. Money is saved on disposal services. And many of these wastes can be recycled -- environmentally friendly. Effective employee training is not only required by the regulations but can help take maximum advantage of the universal waste benefits. This program “Universal Waste - bulbs, batts, bugs & barometers” shows employees how to correctly collect, accumulate, containerize, handle and ship universal wastes, as well as, how to effectively respond to emergencies. To assist in developing training materials covering state-specific regulations and site-specific issues, a SiteCast© PowerPoint template is included.

Available in English or Spanish.
Price $495.00

Universal Waste "bulbs, batts, bugs"

    • Training Video (14 mins)
    • Compliance Trainer's Guide
    • Employee quizzes
    • Training sign-off forms
    • Custom PowerPoint template for site-specific training
    • English or Spanish
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