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"Hazardous Waste: Management & Minimization

This training, for large quantity generators, is designed to meet regulations, develop employees’ environmental awareness and improve overall compliance. Topics include hazardous waste identification, generation and handling, satellite accumulation, on-site accumulation, shipping and transportation, waste minimization and emergency preparedness and response. The trainer can choose from 4 different curricula depending on which topics will be covered in each training class. Included with the kit is a SiteCast template for building site-specific training.

Available in English or Spanish.
Price $495.00


  • Kit includes DVD or CD: "Hazardous Waste: Management & Minimization" (14 - 21 min.) Instructors guide Employee quizzes Training sign-off forms SiteCast™ for Hazardous Waste Management, Powerpoint template for site-specific training
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