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SPCC Oil & Water

"SPCC Oil & Water - Do NOT Mix"

Federal regulations require training for employees at facilities that have the capacity to store or handle in excess of 1320 gallons of any oil or oil product (gasoline, heating oil, lubricants, residual fuels, vegetable and animal oils and other “oils”) on spill prevention measures. This 19½ minute video instructs employees on SPCC Plans, oil pollution regulations, effective oil storage and oil transfer procedures. It also instructs employees on “discharge procedure protocols”: first response measures to take when a discharge is discovered. The program is designed to help regulated facilities comply with the final SPCC rule (40 CFR 112) last amended November 2009 that becomes fully effective 11/10/11 nationwide. An alternate version is available for regulated facilities in California. Included with the kit is a shorter version of the video to be used for refresher training and a SiteCast template for building site-specific SPCC training.

Available in English or Spanish.
Price $495.00

SPCC Oil & Water

    • Program includes DVD, USB, or CD-Rom (19½ min) & Refresher version (14½ min)
    • Trainer's Guide
    • Employee quizzes
    • PowerPoint template for site-specific training
    • Pocket Reference Books (employee handouts)
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