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IDDE - Public Outreach

IDDE "Public Outreach & Education"

One of the requirements for permitted municipal separate storm sewer systems (MS4s) is to reach out to the general public and inform them about stormwater pollution prevention. One area where many public outreach programs focus is on illicit discharge detection and elimination (IDDE). The public needs to know what an illicit discharge is, not to discharge any non-stormwater into the MS4, how to spot evidence of past illicit discharges and what to do if they spot such evidence. IDDE "Public Outreach & Education" is a set of video programs designed to inform the general public on these issues. 

The Program includes English & Spanish versions of 5 videos of varying run times. Each version is designed to be used in a specific medium/media or to reach a specific type of audience:

  • 30 seconds for local public media
  • 1 min for broad community audiences
  • 2 min for short presentations booths, fairs, public events
  • 5 min for short speaker presentations or young audiences
  • 10 min for in-depth understanding of illicit discharges and what can be done.

IDDE - Public Outreach

  • Select your MS4 Category Size based your population:

    • Very Small – under 10K
    • Small – under 50K
    • Mid – under 100K
    • Large – under 500K
    • Very Large – over 500K
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