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GHS HazCom

GHS HazCom "Understanding GHS"
OSHA released a list of the 10 most frequently cited safety and health violations for the fiscal year to help build awareness of areas that need to be given more attention. OSHA’s preliminary Top 10 list for 2019 included Hazard Communication which ranked second with 3,671 violations! Training workers on GHS HazCom practices and procedures is critical to protecting your employees from harm due to exposure to hazardous chemicals. "Understanding GHS HazCom" is a 2-video training kit that helps regulated facilities meet the final effective compliance date of June 1, 2016. This kit handles both post-GHS (“Final Version” - 20 minutes) and pre- and post-GHS (“Transition Version” - 23 minutes) hazard communication so employers can show their employees either only the new or both the old and new configurations depending on their individual goals and when the training is conducted. SDSs, hazard, shipping, and workplace labeling is detailed in the program. Available in English or Spanish.

GHS HazCom

  • Training Program Includes:

    • DVD, USB, or CD-Rom: (2 video programs)
    • PowerPoint templates
    • Trainer's Guide
    • Color Employee Quizzes
    • Poster "GHS HazCom Shipping Labels"
    • Acknowledgment of Training forms
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