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Hazardous Waste for SQGs
"Management & Minimization"

This training is designed to meet regulations, develop employees’ environmental awareness and improve overall compliance. Topics include hazardous waste identification, generation and handling, satellite accumulation, on-site accumulation, shipping and transportation, waste minimization and emergency preparedness and response. The trainer can choose from 4 different curricula depending on which topics will be covered in each training class. Also included is a SiteCast PowerPoint customizable template.
(Programs run: 14 - 21 minutes) 


1. Introduction

2. Hazardous Waste Identification
3. Hazardous Waste Generation
4. Management of Containers
5. On-Site Accumulation
6. Satellite Accumulation

7. Emergency Preparedness
8. Transportation
9. The Manifest 
10. Conclusion

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