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Hazardous Waste Management

at Laboratories and Research Facilities

Training is focused on the correct handling and management of hazardous wastes generated at labs and research facilities. Methods for prevention of hazardous spills and releases are presented along with guidelines for safe and effective spill response. Waste minimization is stressed; lab employees are provided with guidance and ways to minimize the amount of toxicity of hazardous wastes generated. (Unit 1: 17 minutes, Unit 2: 13 minutes)  


Unit 1
1. Introduction
2. Waste Identification
3. Generation
4. Characterization / Profiling
5. Improper Disposal
6. Satellite Accumulation
7. Central Accumulation, Transportation, Offsite Disposal
8. Conclusion

Unit 2

1. Introduction
2. Emergency Preparedness
3. Waste Minimization
4. Conclusion 

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