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California Universal Waste

California Universal Waste "Collecting, Processing, Recycling"

In general, the Universal Waste regulations in California are more strict and more expansive than those of the EPA. They are found in two places: the California Code of Regulations (the CCR) and the California Health and Safety Code (the HSC). This program addresses both the Federal and the California-specific regulations. This training programs included two video versions, the 'Complete Version' and very concise 'Refresher Version', customizable PowerPoint slideshow, Trainer's Guide, Employee Quiz, and Training Recording Forms.

(20:00 / 13:00 minutes)

California Universal Waste

    • 2 video versions: Complete Version (20 minutes) & Refresher Version (13 minutes) 
    • Trainer's Guide, Employee Quiz, Employee documentation forms
    • Customizable PowerPoint slideshow (with and without video chapters) that details individual state regulations.
    • Closed Captions included.
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